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Introducing our COVID-19 Viro Transfer Media (VTM) for Fast Automatic RNA Extraction

This is our alternative nucleic acid extraction system and ideal to use with our PCR kits. Our Senteligo™ Multiplex PCR Detection kits are also fully compatible with manual or automatic RNA extraction methods, such as Nextractor NX-48 or VERI-Q PREP M16 devices The VTM Virotransfer DET/E contain RNA extraction reagents, which eliminates the necessity of traditional RNA extraction steps mixing reagents and speeds up the process.The qPCR reactions are set-up directly using these solutions and Senteligo™ SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Multiplex qPCR Detection Kit is also compatible with this VTM Virotransfer DET/E extraction-free viral transfer media. This method is usually preferred to speed up the reaction set up compared to the manual RNA extraction kits method where reagents have to be mixed manually or via automatic RNA/DNA extraction devices for multiple samples and does not require the use of any centrifuge devices  

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For best results use our Real Time X960 PCR Detection Device for COVID-19 and other PCR testing

The X960 Real Time pCR system is a high performance benchtop instrument giving you greater control of your experiment data. It delivers reliability, sensitivity and accuracy which is optimised to enable the broadest range of quantitative PCR applications. In real time quantitative PCR (qPCR), PCR product is measured at each cycle. By monitoring reactions during the exponential amplification phase of the reaction, users can determine the initial quantity of the target with great precision without involving post-PCR analysis such as gel electrophoresis and image analysis. Click on LEARN MORE Box to see Product Video

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