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Welcome to the World of NARGIS Medical Healthcare & Technologies

Our mission is to provide medical healthcare products and initiatives which can help those in need of affordable healthcare and for those who are in vulnerable and less privileged positions. In a global environment which is seeing a resurgence of the next wave of COVID-19 due to the delta variant, it is important to provide the products and solutions to tackle this pandemic across Africa and other developing nations to reach some point of normality in the coming months and years.

We at NARGIS Medical also specialise in representing technologies which are and will impact our world now, tomorrow and for the future. With climate change and other global events affecting the planet, it is important to provide healthcare which raises the bar to face these challenges and we aim to provide the initiatives that can secure a better future

We offer a product portfolio which is second to none and enables state owned hospital, private hospitals and clinics to provide an improved health system for their people. We represent some exciting biotech companies with innovative products and ideas as well as offer own quality branded products at affordable costs.
Our core values include innovation, integrity, care and passion in what we do and giving our valued clients our best is our passion

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